Sabine van Diemen

Sabine was born in Amsterdam in Holland. A ballerina from the age of 4, Sabine has been a dancer all her life, joining the Holland Show Ballet at 18 and working with them for three years.

Sabine's exceptional talent and striking looks have taken her all over the world and she has modeled and danced at events at the highest commercial and artistic level.

In 2011 Sabine met the famous Dutch illusionist Hans Klok and the two collaborated on a series of hit shows; touring the world for five years and winning, among other awards, the silver clown at the circus festival in Monte Carlo. This is where her passion for magic was ignited.

Now an accomplished solo artist, Sabine has been called “one of the most extraordinary and talented performers in magic”, and in an industry so dominated by men, that in itself is no mean feat.